How do I link boards and items together?

Linking items and boards together is useful to show a connection between the two. This feature is often used if you have both high level and low level overview boards. This article explains how to insert a link from one board to another for reference purposes. 🔗 

Use the link to item column

The Link to Item column allows you to link specific item in a different board! This can be very useful if you need to create a connection between two items in two different boards. 

You can find the Link to Item column in the Column Center:


Step 1

Click on any of the cells and click on "choose a board to connect" as below:


Step 2

Pick the board you would like to connect with your column. In my example, I want to connect the board "cupcakes"with the board "clients".


Step 3

Once connected, clicking inside any cell in the column will reveal the items from the other board (clients's board). Pick the item you want to connect to from the other board. For example, I want to connect the Caramel Cupcake to the Client 1. 


Next to each cupcake, we will now have the name of the client that ordered it. 

You can read more on this feature in this article!

Use the link column

To link from one board to another board or to a specific item on a board, you can use the link column, which is available in your column store. To add it, click on the + icon located on the top right of your board and select "Column Center." Next, select the "Link" option, as shown in the screenshot below:


Once the column is added, click inside any cell to add your link, and enter the text you want to display.

Use Case

I am building a candy shop as my new business. For this shop, I have several small projects: getting all the candy supplies, setting up the shop, and hiring employees. Each of these projects are separate boards with many tasks. To get a good overview of what is going on, I have also created a summary board. 


Each item has a specific low level board. For instance, the "setting up the shop" item is associated with the "Shop Set up" board. 


To link from your summary board to your low-level board, simply open your low-level board and copy the URL from your browser's search bar. Then, go to back to your summary board and paste that link as the web address for that item under the Link column.


When looking at your summary board, you can simply click on the link and it will open the low-level board with all the details. 🙌

Use the @mention in your item

You may also click inside a item and rather than mention a person, mention a board by using the '@' symbol. For example, in my item "setting up the shop" I can link the board "shop set up" as shown below:


Now the item links to that board, meaning that you can always open that item's updates feed and click on the link to take you to that board.


 Note: if you want to set dependencies, you can check out this article for some helpful suggestions and workarounds.


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