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How do I create repeating or recurring tasks?

Does your team work cyclically or on repeat projects? Need an easy way to create recurring tasks and items, or notifications?

Recurring automation recipes offer the ability for items, groups, and notifications to repeat based on specified time frames and/ or the status of an item. 


How to add the automation

To add the relevant recurring recipe to your workflow, you will first need to first visit our automation store on the top bar of your board:



There you will be able to choose from our different recipes and set up the recurring automation that supports your workflow : 



With these automations, you can create a recurring task (item), a recurring group, or a recurring notification. Let's dive deeper into how to set it up.

How to set it up

Click on the automation you'd like to use. In this example, we want to create a recurring task so we will choose "every time period, create a item". Click on every time period to pick your date and time. 


We can schedule a recurring task or group in three ways:

1. Every Day


2. Every Week on certain days


3. Every months on certain days


Note: The recurring automation will take place on the next available date. If the recipe is set up on the 21st of January to trigger "every 3 months" on the 23rd then the next recurring item will be on the 23rd of January.


You can also pick a specific time of the day right here at the bottom: 


Note: Learn more on how to configure your automation recipes here: monday.com Automation.



Recurring Automation Use Case

1. {Every time period}, clear {column}:

Use Case: Tasks board that recurs on a weekly bases. Each week, rather than duplicating items, the team prefers the status column to clear. With the above automation, on Monday of each week at 7 am the status column will clear allowing the team to track the tasks for that week. 

Board Structure:



Recurring Automation Recipes

  • Every time period, create an item
  • Every time period, duplicate a group
  • When status is something, notify someone every time period
  • Every time period, notify someone
  • Every time period, clear column
  • Every time period, create a new group


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