iOS - Where can I see the updates of the boards I’m subscribed to?

The Inbox is a news feed of all updates from boards you are subscribed to.Eevery time a user is posting an update on one of the boards you are subscribed to, the update will show in your inbox.  You can learn more about the inbox by check this article right here. To learn how to use the inbox on iOS, keep reading 👇

Where can I find the inbox? 

To view your inbox. click on the box icon at the bottom left of the application.


How to mark an update as "read"?

To mark an update as "read", click on the blue checkmark on the top right of the update as below: 



 Note: You can check your "read" updates in your desktop or web version of 


How to filter my inbox?

You can filter your inbox per specific board by clicking on the three little bars on the top right of your screen. 


You will then reach the "filter by board" menu, allowing you to pick the board of your choice and see the updates only for that board. 


Check out this article to learn how to subscribe to a board. 

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