The Hidden Features of

If you have a bit of experience with, you might be wondering if there are any features, tips, or tricks that you might be missing.

We’d like to make sure you are making the most of our platform, so we made you a list of some of the most helpful hidden features you might not know about yet! Let's get started:


Quick Searches and Saved Searches (Search Everything)

Whenever you click into the Search Everything bar at the top of your account, you will be presented with a list of common searches that you can choose to apply with one click. These will always be here for you to access whenever you need them.

The available options are "I'm assigned to," "My Files," "Archived Boards," "I was mentioned," and "I was mentioned and didn't reply." When you click on one of these, it will be applied in the Search Everything bar. 

You can also save a search by entering details into the Search Everything bar and clicking on the star next to the your search word(s).


Once you click on that "Save" button, that search will show under your saved searches whenever you click into the Search Everything bar.


Updates Filter (Search Everything) 

Once you click into the Search Everything bar, a list of filtering options will appear directly underneath that bar. You will be able to search through just the updates on your account, for example.

If you click on "Updates," you will see a list of all the updates on your account, in order of most recent. You will also see advanced filtering option on the right of the results. You can choose to filter the updates to see only the updates you were mentioned in, only the ones, you wrote, only the ones with attachments, etc.

You will also have advanced filtering options for files. You can find these by clicking on "Files" in that same list underneath the Search Everything bar, right next to "Updates." For the files, you will have different options, such as filtering for only image files or only PDFs.


Export search results to Excel (Search Everything) 

Once you use the Search Everything bar to pull up certain results, you can export those results to Excel by clicking on the wheel icon in the right corner of the page. 


Update any pulse via email

You can send an email to a pulse that already exists on a board by responding directly to the email notifications. Here is an article that explains how to do this.


Limit who can invite users (Admin panel)

If you are an admin, you can choose who is able to add other users to the account. To do this, you should click on your avatar in the top right corner of the account, choose Admin, and go to the Security section of the Admin page. From there, you can choose who to allow onto the account.

Here is an article containing more details about the Admin Panel.


Take board ownership (Admin panel)

If a member of your team leaves the account, and you need to gain access to their boards, you can give ownership of the board to yourself or another team member through the Admin panel. To do this, go to your avatar in the top right corner, click on Admin, and choose My Team from the list, and select Board Ownership at the top.

You can read more about this feature here.


When someone deletes a board or pulse you are a part of (Bell icon)

When someone deletes a board or pulse that you are subscribed to, you will receive a notification in the bell icon of your account. If you are using the desktop app, you will also receive a desktop notification by default.


Move or change multiple pulses at once (Batch Actions)

If you hover over the color lines to the left of a pulse's name, you will be able to select multiple pulses at once in order to move, archive, or delete a whole batch of selected pulses at once. 


You can also make changes to the column values for those selected pulses. Click here to read more about using batch actions.


View activity log for a board 

If you would like to see a log of activities that have occurred on the board (such as when a status was changed and who changed it), you can check the Board Log & Updates. As the name indicates, you can also switch over to see all the updates on all the pulses for that board.

You can read more about using the Board Log & Updates here


Customize information for each user (Admin panel)

For the Pro and Enterprise plans, you can choose which information will show for users under their profile information. To do this go to your profile picture > Admin > Customization.


Block access if the account has been compromised (Admin panel)

If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can use Panic Mode to block anyone from accessing the account until we help you to ensure that it is secure again. Here is more about activating Panic Mode.



If you have more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Our Customer Success Team is here 24/7 to assist! :)

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