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monday AI Automations: use AI


Who can use this feature:
By default, any user whose Admin has approved use of AI on their account
Available on Pro and Enterprise plans


Note: If you'd like to learn more about how to enable monday AI on your account, please read the "Get started with monday AI" article.


With the help of monday AI, you can unleash the power of AI within monday.com Automations. This article will walk you through how to use monday AI to automate just about anything on your board. 🤖



The monday AI Automation blocks

Currently, these are the AI action blocks that you can use in automations:

AI Automations.gif

This article will explain how to give custom instructions to monday AI to achieve the automation of your dreams! 😍

This automation can be used to:

  • summarize the data in another columns
  • generate replies
  • enrich & extract column data
  • translate column data into another language
  • and more

Read on to learn more. To learn more about building an automation to categorize your items using monday AI, check out our "monday AI Automations: categorize" article.



Build your board

In this example, our team is reviewing customer feedback. Every time a team member determines that feedback requires a response, they'll change the Status to "Requires response". At that time, we're asking monday AI to craft an individualized response to the customer's feedback. We will then review the response, and if it's appropriate and relevant, we'll send it off to the customer using the Gmail Integration

To begin with, we'll set up our board with all of the relevant columns. Customer feedback is collected via monday WorkForms and populates on the board with the title of the email as the Item Name, a Status Column where monday AI has interpreted and categorized the Sentiment of the email, and a Text Column with the body of the customer's email. 

Frame 95.png

We added a status column to indicate if the feedback needs a response, a text column for a draft of the response, and then a button column to send off the response via email.

It's entirely up to you how to set up your board. There are endless ways to use this automation and so your board can be set up in endless ways as well!



Build the Automation recipe

To begin building an automation with the custom use AI block, visit the Automation center. Choose the "Create custom automation" option: 

Frame 87.png


Begin with a trigger

For our trigger, we want the automation to run every time we review a customer email and change the "Status column" to "Requires response". That means we'll start with "When status changes to something" block:

Frame 96.png


Choose the "use AI" action block

We will then set up the "use AI" block and begin giving monday AI instructions:

Frame 97.png



Give monday AI instructions

When you click on the "use AI" field, a text box will open. This is where you write out your instructions. This is the most important part! You can choose columns for monday AI to retrieve information from by using the buttons at the bottom of the text box:

Frame 94.png

Here, we've indicated that we want monday AI to read the "Tell us your thoughts!" column and fill in the "Suggested response" column. We've given monday AI the following instructions:

"Draft a response to the message in {pulse.text}. Make the message tone positive and upbeat. Suggest ways to improve upon the problems pointed out in {pulse.text}."

The more specific and clear your instructions, the more accurate monday AI's output will be.



Test and revise your instructions

Test your instructions by triggering the automation on one item and reviewing monday AI's output:
Untitled design (11).gif

Let's look at this in the context of our example! A customer sent us feedback about our cupcakes with the following message:

"It isn't terrible, but the old recipe definitely produced more moist cupcakes."


We triggered the automation with these instructions:

"Draft a response to the message in {pulse.text}. Make the message tone positive and upbeat. Suggest ways to improve upon the problems pointed out in {pulse.text}."


And monday AI generated this email draft:

"I appreciate your feedback! While the new recipe is good, we can definitely work on making the cupcakes even more moist. One way to achieve this is by increasing the amount of liquid in the batter, such as adding a bit more milk or oil. Another option is to try using a different type of fat, like melted butter, which can contribute to a moister texture. Let's experiment with these suggestions and see if we can create an even better version of our cupcakes!"


This isn't quite what we were hoping for-- the response is a bit combative and it goes into unnecessary detail that isn't relevant to the customer. So, we're going to adjust the instructions. To edit the automation, go to your Automation Center, enter the "Board automations" tab, find the relevant recipe, click on the three dots at the top right of the recipe, and select "Edit Automation":

Frame 100.png

Then, change the instructions:

Frame 98.png

Here's our second draft of instructions for monday AI:

"Draft a response to the message in {pulse.text}. Make the message tone positive and upbeat. Indicate the value in the feedback given in {pulse.text}. Inform the customer that you will pass on their feedback to our development team so that we can use it to improve."


Then, we updated the automation:

Frame 99.png

Finally, we ran the automation again! Here's what monday AI came up with the second time:

"Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your input and will pass it on to our development team to improve our recipe."


That's better! 🤩 You can adjust your instructions as many times as you need to get the results you want.


Tip: Continue adding actions to your Automation recipe to build a more complex Automation that performs exactly the way you want it to. 



Tips on giving instructions to monday AI

There are a few things to know about the use AI block that will help you to successfully build your automation.

  • Begin your instructions with the task that you want monday AI to complete. You can't go wrong when you start with a verb! (i.e. "Summarize", "Rephrase", etc.)
  • After giving instructions for the task and including the relevant columns, add additional instructions. This will fine-tune monday AI's output.
    • ✅ "Summarize the text in: {Text}. The summary needs to be short, with a formal tone, and must include an informative title."
  • Use clear instructions and leave no room for misunderstanding!
    • ❌ "Improve {Text}"
    • "Improve the grammar in {Text}. Use grammar rules for American English."
  • As with all other monday Automations, monday AI can only pull information and output information on the item where the Automation is triggered. It can't generate results that relate to other items on your board.
    • "Read all of the tasks on this board, and set a priority for this task."
  • If your results are way off the mark, make sure that you chose the relevant columns for monday AI to read.

Most importantly! You may need to give instructions to monday AI several times before you get the result you're hoping for. We recommend experimenting with different prompts on a few items before running the automation on a large number of items. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.