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monday AI Automations: categorize


Who can use this feature:
By default, any user whose Admin has approved use of AI on their account
Available on Pro and Enterprise plans


Note: If you'd like to learn more about how to enable monday AI on your account, please read the "Get started with monday AI" article.


With the help of monday AI, you can unleash the power of AI within monday.com Automations. This article will walk you through how to use monday AI to automate categorizing your items. 🤖



The AI categorize Automations

Currently, there are two AI categorize blocks that you can use in automations:

  • Categorize by AI using the item name
  • and Categorize by AI using a text column

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In this article, we will walk you through setting up a categorize automation. When a categorize automation is triggered, monday AI will read the text in the designated field on your board and determine which label (if you're using a status column) or labels (if you're using a dropdown column) are the best match. 



Create your categories

Let's look at how to set up an automation using these blocks.

The most important step is to determine your categories. With these automations, you can use either a Status Column or a Dropdown Column to categorize your items. If you hope for monday AI to select only one category, a Status Column is best. If you're open to monday AI choosing more than one category, a Dropdown Column could work for you. Add one of these two columns to your board.

Note: For now, the Status Column and the Dropdown Column are the only columns you can use to categorize your items with monday AI categorization automations.  



Be specific

In the example for this article, we're using our board to collect customer feedback. The title of the customer's email is the item name, the body of the customer's email is in a Text column, and we want to set up our Status labels to read the customer's email and reflect the sentiment:

Frame 90.png

When creating your categories, be as specific as possible.


Column headers

The automation will not read your column's header. For example, if your column header is "Positive feedback?" and the labels are "Yes!" and "No", monday AI will not be able to categorize the item. It will see "Yes!" and "No", but it won't know what it's saying yes or no to!

The header should be helpful for you and your team, but the header shouldn't be necessary for monday AI to understand the meaning of the labels.

We're considering changing this in the future! If you have feedback about this, please let us know.


Example of effective labels

It's better to make your labels as specific and detailed as possible. For example, the labels "Positive", "Neutral", and "Negative" will give you better results:

Frame 88 (1).png


Automation failure due to bad category labels

If monday AI is unable to categorize your item, the status label will not change. You'll be able to see that the automation failed in the Automation "Run history":

Frame 89.png

If this happens, revise your category labels to make them more detailed. Remember, your automation labels are basically your instructions for monday AI. They need to be specific.



Build the Automation recipe

You can begin to build a categorize automation recipe using one of the following options:

1. You can build your automation using a template in the Automation center. Search "categorize" to pull up your options. Choose a template from the results:

Frame 86.png

2. You can also build an automation by using the "Create custom automation" option in the Automation center: 

Frame 87.png

In this example, we are setting up the automation to read the sentiment of the customer's feedback based on the title of their email. Our board is set up so that the title of the email is the item's name, the sentiment will be categorized in a Status column called "Sentiment", and the body of the email is in a Text column called "Tell us your thoughts!":

Frame 91.png


Begin with a trigger

We will use the monday AI categorize automation to read the body of the email and tell us the sentiment. We want this to happen every time we receive new feedback, so the trigger will be "When a new item is created":

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Choose your categorize action

The categorize automation blocks are actions.


Choose an action

For this automation, we're going to categorize using the text column:

Frame 92.png

If it suits your use case better, you can choose to categorize the "item name":

Frame 92 (2).png

When the automation is triggered, monday AI will read the "Tell us your thoughts!" column and determine which status label in "Sentiment" is the best match: 

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Tip: You can build on the automation by inserting more Status Columns, as needed, to your board. 



Watch it work!

When a new item is created, monday AI will automatically read the "Tell us your thoughts!" column and change the "Sentiment": 

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If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.