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Pricing model adjustment, January 2024


Who does this change apply to:
All monday.com accounts, existing and new
All plans; Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise


In February 2024, monday.com will be updating our pricing. This price update will apply to new accounts and existing accounts upon renewal of their subscription.

We're sure you have a few questions. Read on to learn more about this change and how it will impact your account.


What's changing?

Our prices are increasing across all monday.com plan tiers and products, including monday work management, monday sales CRM, and monday dev.


New pricing

The list prices have changed for both monthly and yearly subscriptions across all plans and contracts for all monday.com products. You can check out the updated pricing on our pricing page.



New list pricing will go into effect globally on January 11, 2024 for new customers. For existing customers, the price changes will go into effect upon your next renewal or plan change following February 16, 2024 (i.e. if your annual plan is set to renew on March 3rd, you will be billed according to the price update for your chosen plan and products on that date).


Why the change?

Since our last price update in 2019, our suite of products and features has evolved in line with our commitment to improving the world of work for all. We're updating our pricing accordingly to maintain a competitive and cost-effective price point.


Recent and upcoming enhancements

Over the past few years, we have launched new products, including monday dev and monday sales CRM, updated our infrastructure with mondayDB, diversified and grew our app marketplace ecosystem, and released hundreds of new features and building blocks, including monday AI, advanced data protection & permissions, and extended board capacity. Combined, all of these advancements bring us closer to our vision of enabling our customers to confidently conquer each core aspect of work with our multi-product platform.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the platform enhancements since our last price update in 2019:

  • Hundreds of new features and building blocks
  • 5x faster board performance: with mondayDB, it's now faster to load boards & dashboards and store many more items.
  • Advanced AI capabilities: with our monday AI assistant, you can now automate work, supercharge your content, and spark new ideas.
  • Enhanced productivity: monday workdocs, monday WorkForms, and dashboards help streamline workflows and transform collaboration.  
  • Elevated mobile experience: with the monday.com mobile app, you can get work done from anywhere, at any time.
  • A more secure monday.com: advanced data protection, new security and authorization capabilities, and comprehensive security governance management.

We are always looking for new ways to empower our customers to achieve more at work and have many more exciting enhancements coming up in 2024.

To stay in the know on all of our releases in 2024, keep an eye on our What's New page.



General Questions

When does this change take effect?

Pricing will change globally for new customers beginning on January 11, 2024. For existing customers, the new prices will go into effect on their next renewal or plan change from February 16, 2024.


Why is the price increasing now?

2023 has been a critical year for product and feature development at monday.com. We now offer a robust product suite, including monday sales CRM and monday dev, as well as hundreds of new and improved features and building blocks.

Our pricing hasn't increased in several years and we didn't make this decision lightly. After careful consideration, we determined a pricing update reflective of the increased value of our products, ongoing enhancements, and continuous innovation. Our new prices align with our evolved infrastructure and offerings while ensuring that monday.com remains a superior, cost-effective option within our industry.


What improvements have been made recently?

By collecting, analyzing, and implementing your feedback, we've been able to offer new and improved tools for you and your teams. In recent years, we've developed hundreds of new features and building blocks, advanced data protection, mondayDBAI capabilitiesmonday workflows, and many more developments to come in 2024.


Will the functionality or usage limits on my account change?

No. This change will only impact the price of your account. The features available on each plan tier will remain the same.


Billing Questions

What will be the new price for my plan?

The list prices have changed for both monthly and yearly subscriptions across all plans and contracts for all monday.com products. You can check out the updated pricing on our pricing page.


Can I keep my current, lower pricing?

We're sorry to say that there will not be an option to keep your account's billing on the outdated pricing model.


The new prices are much higher than my current pricing. Is this justified? 

Some of our legacy accounts were being billed on older pricing versions. Since our product value has massively evolved, these prices are outdated. All future contracts will be aligned to the new prices.

We understand this is a lot to take in. However, we are confident that our updated pricing is still competitive, cost-effective, and offers tremendous value for your money. We encourage you to do your own research. We're certain you’ll reach the same conclusion!


I am paying for X seats, but I'm only using Y of them. How do I reduce the number of seats? 

The new price reflects an updated monthly price per seat. The actual fees are based on your chosen plan and selected team size, which remains unchanged. Our minimal team size is 3 seats, and you can choose the best team size for your needs out of the options available in the pricing page (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 seats etc.).


How can I reduce my bill?

If you're looking to decrease the cost for you and your team, here are a few ideas:

  • Review and adjust your plan. Look for users on your account who no longer need access and deactivate them. At that point, you can adjust your plan to reflect the updated number of seats in use on your account. You can also consider if your plan tier is the best option for your account.
  • If you're a monthly subscriber, upgrade to an annual subscription. Annual subscriptions are offered at a discounted rate when compared to the monthly subscription. You get more mileage for your money on an annual plan.


Will specialty discounts change as well?

We will not revoke or change any discounts that were granted to your account for your current subscription period.


What happens if I renew my plan before February 16?

New pricing will not take effect for existing accounts until their next renewal or plan change following February 16, 2024.


I am not willing to renew at these prices. What's next?

We're confident that our recent developments provide a superior experience for our customers. If you feel that this hasn't been the case for your team, please get in touch with our customer experience team or contact your monday.com representative to discuss this in detail. There may be enhancements that you haven't put to use for your team yet.

Your account will not be impacted until renewal. If you do not wish to continue your current subscription at the new pricing, you can update, review, or cancel your subscription in the "Administration" section of your account.


Can I speak with someone directly about this change?

If you have questions, comments, or feedback, we want to hear from you. If you're working with a monday.com representative, you can reach out to them directly. If not, we’ve added more ways for our customers to connect with us (e.g. live chats), expanded our global coverage, and implemented tools and processes to provide you with the most relevant, up-to-date advice and support. Reach out in whatever way feels best, and we'll be here to get you the answers you need.



Thank you for your business, trust, and loyalty. Your confidence and continued investment in the monday.com mission enables us to grow. We look forward to showing you what we have in store for 2024!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.