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The new Automation Center

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Until now, we've maintained separate centers for Automations and Integrations. While there are some key differences between the two tools, in many of our recent feature developments we've combined Automations and Integrations in new and significant ways. And now, we're updating how you access these tools accordingly! 🤖 



We used to maintain two separate centers for Automations and Integrations:

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In the past, if you clicked on the "Integrate" button, you would be directed to the Integrations center. If you click on the "Automate" button, you would be directed to the Automations center:

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Now, you will see all of your automations and integrations in one place! If you click either button, you will be directed to the Automations center:

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Home page

The default landing page is for Automation templates. You can navigate to Integration templates at the bottom of the lefthand menu:

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Board automations page

When you click on the "Board automations" tab in the Automations Center, you will see a full list of all of your Automations and Integrations:

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Connections page

When you open the "Connections" tab, you'll see every integration connection that exists on your account:

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You can learn more about the "Connections" tab by checking out the "monday.com Integrations connection management" article.


We hope you like this move towards a more unified experience when building automations and integrations into your workflow!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.