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Multi-level permissions for monday workflows


The security of your information is extremely important to us, which is why we offer multi-level permissions for your automated workflows. Workflow permissions and restrictions give the workflow owner control over the editing and viewing capabilities of other users, while workspace and account permissions create a higher layer of permissions for workspace owners and account admin. 


Types of workflows

Just like workspaces, there are two types of workflows: 


  • Private - Visible only to the owner and invited members
  • Main - Visible to everyone in the workspace. Workflows in an open workspace will be visible to everyone in the account.

Group 135.png


Viewing permissions

Main workflows are visible to everyone in a private workspace, or to everyone in the account in the case of an open workspace. They will be listed in the left pane as well as searchable with the Quick Search feature. A main workflow will open as read-only and cannot be edited by anyone besides owners. 


Private workflows are only visible to the owners, and members who have been invited. It will open as read-only for members and can only be edited by owners. 




Editing permissions 

Who can edit workflows?

Both private and main workflows can only be edited by workflow owners. By default, the creator of the workflow is the owner, but they can crown any workflow members as additional owners. Anyone who is not a workflow owner will only be able to view the workflow. 



Who can see my draft?

A draft is private, meaning that only the owner can see their own draft while in editing mode. All other viewers and even owners of the workflow will only be able to see the live version. In other words, an owner cannot see another owner's draft until it is saved. 


Note: More than one owner can be in editing mode at the same time. Each owner will only see their own draft, and the last person to publish will overwrite all previous drafts. 


If there is no live version, meaning that the workflow has been in draft since it was created, all viewers, members, and owners will see this message:

image 156.png


Board-level restrictions

Workflows can involve multiple boards across the account, which may involve different restrictions and permissions. For example, private boards will only be accessible if the workflows owner is a board member or owner. Column editing and viewing permissions may also impact workflow setup. Let's take a look at how these permissions interact with workflows configuration. 



Column restrictions

When configuring a workflow, the column field will directly correlate to any column restrictions that have been set on that board. 

Group 136.png


What happens if there are column restrictions?


If there are:

  • Viewing restrictions - any restricted column will be hidden from the list of columns in the configuration panel
  • Editing restrictions - any restricted column can still be selected from the list of columns in the configuration panel. However, the workflow will fail when it tries to run, as the workflow owner did not have permission to engage with this column. The fail will be reported in the workflow's history log with details explaining the error. 


If column restrictions don't allow you to view or edit the column, the configuration settings will appear grey, and you will not be able to click into the drop-down menu. The run history will show the results without details from the restricted item. 

Group 137.png


Board restrictions

When configuring a workflow, the board field will not be accessible if board restrictions have been set. For example, if a board is Private and you are not a member, the board selection will be grey in configuration settings as shown in the image above. The run history will show results without details from the restricted board, as shown in the image below. 

Group 138.png


Workspace restrictions

When configuring a workflow, you will only be able to choose from boards in workspaces that you have access to. If there is a workflow configured involving actions from a workspace that you do not have access to, you will not be able to edit it, and will not see details in the run history. 


Account restrictions 

A higher level of restrictions on the account level can be set by account admin. In the "Administration" section under the "Permissions" tab, admin can choose which account roles (admin, members, viewers, or guests) can create new workflows within the account. 

Group 139.png


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.