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WorkCanvas permissions and settings



WorkCanvas uses role-based access control to manage what a user can see or do within the product. Ensuring your data security at all times 🦸

This permission based feature enables the account owner to determine which canvases and information to share, enable editing capabilities to specific people and allow view only content to guests. This article will explore the different permission settings for the various areas of WorkCanvas.


Note: This article is specific to WorkCanvas. While some terminology and concepts may be similar to those used in monday.com, being different products, their functionalities and options may differ. 


Permissions on an Account level

When it comes to the account level there are two types of users, namely; Admins and Non-Admins. Depending on whether or not you are an admin of the WorkCanvas account you will have certain permissions or restrictions on an account level.


Note: If you are an admin of the WorkCanvas account, read our article on WorkCanvas account administration for further information on account and user management. 


  • Admins

Admins are members with extended rights to manage users and invite new users to join the WorkCanvas account. On the home page, in the upper right-hand corner, by clicking on the “Invite members” button, you will be able to invite your team members to your Canvas either by sending a link or an email invitation.

Canvas Add Member Admin.png

As an admin you can manage the number of seats in your account and adjust your paid plan accordingly. To access the management of the accounts seats, click on the "Manage seats" button in the top right-hand corner of the "Invite teammates" box.


Note: Read our WorkCanvas activation, billing, and pricing article for more information on seats. For monday.com Enterprise users, you can also contact your account manager to find out more. 


  • Non-Admins

Non-admins do not have ability to invite new members to an account. As a non-admin, if you attempt to add a new member to the account, you will receive a message asking you to reach out to the account admin for permissions. 

Non-Admin Restrictions.png


Note: Non-admins can invite a guest to their canvas by sending a public access link. Read more about this in our below section on Sharing permissions


Permissions within Teams

Teams are dedicated spaces for specific departments or groups within your account. They can be added from your WorkCanvas home page and allow members to create their own space to work on. There are two types of users in a team, namely; Owner and Teammate.

  • Owner

The owner of a team is the member that created the team. They have the ability to add teammates to the team, determine the teammates permission status, remove teammates, and create projects and canvases.

On your home page select the arrow on the left-hand panel next to the team name to see and access the teams you belong to. To create a team, select "Create new team". From there you can title the team and invite teammates to join.

Canvas Create New Team.gif

The team owner can only delete projects and canvases that they have created, and only have access to projects they are invited to. If the team owner leaves the team, then the new owner will be determined by the order in which they were added to the team.

If you are the owner of Team, then teammate permissions can be managed from the bottom left-hand corner of the "Teammate" box by selecting "manage members".


Note: The default setting for all teammates is "Editor". "Editor" and "Viewer" permissions are only applicable in a canvas. For more information on these two permissions, read the below section in this article on Permissions within Canvases.


  • Teammates

Teammates are the members added to different teams. They can create projects and canvases, and have access to other canvases created by the team. Teammates can view who is in their team and see their various permissions, but cannot add new teammates or change permissions.

Canvas Teammate see other memebers.png

Teammates can be added to multiple teams and projects. They can leave a project or team created by someone else, but can only delete projects or canvases they have created.


Permissions within Projects

Projects are folders on the home page that group specific canvases together. They are a great way to keep your home page organized and make it easy to find related canvases in one place.

  • Project Owner

The project owner is the person that creates the project. They can determine which teammates to add to a project and can select which existing canvases should be included in the project folder.

To add a project, click on the "+" icon next to "Projects" on the left-hand panel on your home page. From here you can title your project, add teammates and either select preexisting canvases or start from scratch.

Canvas Create Project.gif

Only project owners can add teammates to a project and select their permissions. The default setting for teammates is Editor, however the project owner can change this permission to Viewer. 


Permissions within Canvases

For work on a specific canvas there are three available roles; Editor, Viewer, and Guest. These roles ensure that work being created on a canvas can be accessed by a variety of members, but limit the actions each member can perform on the canvas itself.

  • Editors

The "Editor" permissions are applicable within the canvases and are granted based on the permissions set in the teams and projects they are added to. Editors can create new canvases and edit the canvases to which they have access. 

Canvas Editors.gif

  • Viewer

The Viewer permission is granted based on the permissions set in the teams and projects they are added to. They will only be able to view canvases that they have been granted access to. Viewers cannot edit a canvas or leave comments, but they can participate in a vote being conducted on a canvas.

Canvas Viewer Permission.png

  • Guest

These are members that are external to the account. Guests can be granted either Editor or Viewer permissions on a canvas, but will only have access to the canvas they are added to and will not have access to the home page. 

WC- Guest Role on the Canvas.png


Note: Read more about adding a Guest to your Canvas in the section below on sharing permissions via Public Access. 


Sharing Permissions 

When it comes to sharing canvases there are two options to share; either by Restricted Access or Public Access.

  • Restricted Access 

When a member is invited to a canvas via the "Restricted Access" option, they are automatically given access to not only the canvas they were added from, but all the canvases in that specific team or project. The added member by default will have access to the account's homepage, and will also be given Editor permissions which can be adjusted after they have been added.   

WC- Restricted Access New.png


Note: Only admins of the account can utilize the Restricted Access sharing option and can share canvases that they are not the owner of. Members of the account will need to utilize the Public Access option discussed in the below section. 


  • Public Access

When sharing via Public Access, anyone with the link can access that specific canvas, but no other canvases on the account. The member sharing the link can also choose the invitees role, being either Editor or Viewer. If the member enables "Anyone with a link can Edit", then anyone who receives that link can edit the canvas and forward the link on.

WC- Share Public Link new.gif


Note: Only Owners of the Canvas can change the sharing option to Public Access. Once the public link is live, members on the account that have Editor permissions can share a public link. Those with Viewer or Guest permissions, cannot share a public link. 


The Public Access link is only available on our Pro and Enterprise plans. If you attempt to share a public link on the Free Plan, a message will appear, reverting you to upgrade your account. All members of the account can upgrade the account, however only Admins can cancel the account billing. 

WC- Upgrade to Share.png


The owner of the Team or Project can also change an existing member's permission on the canvas from within the Share Canvas modal, using the dropdown arrow to the right of the members name. Here they can choose to change existing members to either "Viewer" or "Editor". 

WC- Change user type from share model.gif

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.