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Optimizing your monday.com account


Here at monday.com, we want to ensure that you are using your account to its full potential, so that you can reach yours 🙌 Therefore we have filled this article with features that will allow you to streamline your work more productively and effectively! 


Automate your recurring tasks

Recurring tasks can take up time and mental capacity when done manually. With our automations feature, you can now automate all your recurring tasks to better utilize your time and improve your workflow efficiency. Whether you are looking to assign tasks automatically, move items, duplicate elements and more, we have you covered! 



For more information on automations and their capabilities take a look at our article here.


Display your data in one place

Frustrated by moving between boards and groups to read data? No problem. Dashboards are a great way to display your key metrics and performance indicators all in one place. Make better decisions with the data you have by selecting specific widgets to give you a holistic view of your boards and workspaces. 



There is so much you can do on your dashboard, ensuring you have all the data you need displayed the way you want it. Read more about our dashboards here


Streamline all your communication 

Whether you're communicating with departments, directly with your team or across the board, pun intended, monday.com can be used as a central communication platform. We have various options when it comes to communicating. 


  • The people column 

Easily assign items to individual team members or oversee which items each person owns by using the people column



  • Update section 

The update section allows board members to send direct messages to others on the board with reference to a specific item. 



Note: Stay tuned, monday.com is releasing a new feature where discussions can happen across the board and not only attached to individual items 


  • The status column 

Team members can easily communicate the status of the item they are assigned using the status column.  



  • Mobile app

Want to stay connected on the go? monday.com is ready and waiting at your fingertips. With our mobile app you can receive direct notification and access to your account, no matter where you are. For information on downloading our app and getting started read our mobile app article



Want further insights on our communication features? Read our guide on improving team communication.


Collaborate with your team in workdocs 

Think of it as a adaptable, multi-media whiteboard where you and your team can record all notes and ideas related to one central topic. By adding individual elements to your workdoc, all your loose thoughts and ideas can come together in one place, right inside monday.com, where all the rest of your work is stored. 



Read more about the different ways in which you can use Workdocs to ensure you are getting the best use out of your monday.com account! 


Organize your account

At monday.com we understand that clutter and disorganization is the downfall of productivity. Therefore, we designed our platform to ensure easy and effective organization to assist with your workflow. With customizable options, you can keep all your data neatly categorized to ensure you can find what you're looking for instantly. 



For further information on how to effectively organize your monday account read our article on understanding monday.com's hierarchy structure  


Integrate apps to assist your workflow

Can't find a feature you're needing on monday.com? We have you covered! With the monday apps marketplace, you can find ready-made apps, developed by third-party developers as well as apps built by the monday team using the apps framework. Integrations help to expand the capabilities of the monday.com platform and fit the unique needs of your business’s workflows, processes, and projects. 



For more information on the monday apps market place, click here.


Tip: Three popular apps on our app marketplace that are used for common workarounds are LogBack (allows restoring activity logs), Vlookup (provides extended version of the connected boards) and Autoboost (allows automation expansion)



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.