How do I create an integration with Slack via Zapier

 Slack integration with can be done super easily through Zapier!

  • Click on your avatar
  • Select "integrations" 
  • Click on "activate Zapier".
  • Under Integrations through Zapier select Slack and


You can also start from scratch and create your own integration in just few steps by clicking on this link.

Step 1: Create your Zap

Select your trigger and your action. 

For this example, each time a new message is posted to a Slack channel, it will create a new pulse in a specific board.




Step 2: Edit your Trigger

The first thing you need to do here is connect your Slack account to Zapier. To do so, click on "choose account" shown below:


Once done, select Edit Options.


You can test your step to make sure everything is connected correctly. If all is ccorrect you will receive the following message:



Step 3: Edit your action

You will have to connect your account to Zapier. Once done, you can edit your options.

Quick tip: use the arrow on the right to see the drop down of options. 


 Test your step and once successful, click on "finish" on the bottom right of your page.

Step 4: Turn your zap on 

To active the Zap, just switch it to "On" and you are done!

You can create as many zaps as you want to connect with Slack. 

For more details about integrations, check out this article.

Ever considered as an alternative to Slack?

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