New to  Welcome!  Here's a glossary of terms to help you get started!

Board: A board is where you will manage anything;  it could be a project, a task board, a roadmap, sales pipeline, a budget… the possibilities are endless. 

Group: A group of pulses within a board.  You can have multiple groups on a board; it allows you to organize and categorize your pulses in a manner which best suits your needs. Some ways that you can categorize your pulses by are months, weeks, days, phase of a project, or anything else you need!   

Pulse: A pulse is a single row within a group on a board.  It usually consists of a single task or item within your project or task board. 



Batch Actions: The ability to complete the same action to multiple pulses at one time.



Left Pane: The list of all your boards on the left side of your screen, segmented by the three board types, Boards, Shareable, Private .

Main Board: Main boards are boards that are visible to everyone who is a team member in your account, building transparency. 

Shareable Board: Shareable boards are for working with with external users (guests)--clients, freelancers and more.

Private Board: Private boards are for your eyes only or a team member you invite! This type of board is super-secret and won’t show up in any search. 

Hamburger Menu: 3 little horizontal lines on the top right of your board.  This includes multiple settings and functions for each individual board.



Search/Filter Board:  The bar on the top left of each board to search or filter information on the specific board. This is where you can search or filter something on the board level.


Search Everything: Located on the top of your account, provides the ability to search across all boards you have access to within your account. (i.e. name of a board, tasks assigned to a team member, status, name of a pulse, filter by date, etc…).

Updates: When clicking into each pulse, you can find the updates section. This can be used to centralize all communication related to a pulse as well as adding attachments and gifs. It is a newsfeed format that layers the new updates on top.


Info boxes: Can be found by clicking on the pulse. You can add notes and attachments as steady information that can be organized as you wish.  



Timeline:  One of the awesome column options within a board.  You set the length of time a pulse is being worked on and visually see who is working on what, when. 

Subscriber All team members within your account can subscribe to any Main board or be invited as a subscriber to a Shareable or Private board. When you are subscribed to a board, you will receive updates in your ‘inbox’ letting you know about all of the different changes that were made. 


Board Log & Updates (Activity Log):  Located on the top right hand corner of the screen indicated by this Screen_Shot_2018-01-02_at_10.55.41.png symbol, gives you a log of all of the activity on the board, so you are able to see when any changes were made!  


Inbox: The inbox acts as a newsfeed of all updates for all of the boards you are subscribed to.  This way, you’ll never miss an update. The inbox can be found in the top left corner of your account!  

Bell Notification: The little bell icon on the top of the screen. The bell notification is where you receive all of the information that specifically relates to you (i.e something you were tagged in, assigned to, a reply to an update you left, etc…)



Guest: A guest user is someone who was invited to view a board or multiple boards within the Shareable Boards section. The guest can function just as a user within the invited boards, but has no access to any other information in the account.  

Team Member: A team member is a user within your account.  All team members have full access to the Main boards section, can create all board types, search, edit and more. 

Megaphone:  A feed to let you know what we at are up to!  You can see new feature announcements when they are released by clicking on this icon Screen_Shot_2018-01-02_at_10.58.01.png

Admin: The Admin is given to either the person that created the account or was given Admin privileges.  The admin has has access to the "admin section", which allows you to have general control over the entire account.  

If you get stuck or have any more questions, please feel free to email us at!  

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