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Updates Section & Info Boxes

Clicking on any item in your board will open the updates and info boxes section. We already feel the next question coming: what is the difference between them? This article gives you the answer so keep reading 👇


The Updates Section

  • What is it?

Updates allow you and your team to communicate, social media style, inside an item, keeping all the conversations about a specific task or project in the same place and in context. This section is for the dynamic communication between your team and yourself. Below is a list of all the main things you can do. 


  • Communicate with your team

By @mentioning a person or, if you have created teams in your account, @mentioning a team, you will ensure that the right people see your update. Team members receive a notification in their notification bell when they/a team they are a part of are @mentioned.



Team members can give your update a thumbs up, reply to your update, send you a gif, @mention someone else or upload documents in response to an update. You can see who has seen an update by hovering your mouse over the eye icon under your update.


You can find out more about communicating with your team using monday.com here


Note: At this time., you cannot recover deleted messages from the update section or info boxes.


  • Upload files

You can upload documents from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.com into an update and a large downloadable preview of the document will be shown.



  • Add a checklist 

You can add a checklist into an update to add another layer of information into tasks or to simply create a list of information.



  • Pinning important updates

If you need to keep one particular update at the top of your updates feed, all you need to do is pin it to the top! Once you pin the update, it will stay there, even as your team continues to add more updates to that feed. 

  • Bookmark a post

It's like an old school thumbtack board, bookmarking an important post to refer to frequently! Or think of it as a "favorite post." Once you bookmark your post, you can find it in your Inbox.


Info Boxes

  • What is it?

Info Boxes hold a different purpose than updates. These are steady, rearrangeable boxes that are often used for documentation organization and storing certain information related to an item in an easily accessible way. At the top of the window, you will see Info Boxes as a tab next to Updates.

You have the choice to add a note, files or Q&A's. You can of course add more than one of the same "type" of box, for example, you could add 2 boxes for different types files e.g. one for contracts and one for invoices. 



  • The Note

In the note section, you can add text which you want to be able to access easily, without it getting lost in an updates thread e.g. a sales pitch or script. You can also add files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.com.


  • The files

The Add files box allows you to add files from your computer. This is a great way to store and organize files related to a task/project. Edit the name of each box to explain what's inside by clicking on the pencil icon next to it.



  • The Q&A

The Add Q&A allows you to add a list of questions and answers in a box. 


Why are some updates blue and some grey?

Wondering why this happens?


Whenever an update is grey, it means that no one posted any new updates for more than 7 days. In the opposite, if your update is blue, it means the last update is from 7 days or less. 



If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here. We are available 24/7 and happy to assist :)