Android - Where can I see the updates of boards I am subscribed to?

Want to check out what your team members are writing? Welcome to the Inbox section! To locate your inbox, simply tap on the box-shaped icon at the bottom of your screen.


On this page, you can see all the updates your team members write on boards you are subscribed to.

Click on the check icon at the top right to indicate that you reviewed the update and remove it from your inbox.


If you want to see the entire update, click on "Read more" to see the details.


For any update in the inbox, you have the option to see who viewed it, to like it, or to reply directly to the update. 


You can also filter your inbox per board to see the updates of each specific board at a time. 



If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to Customer Success here. We're happy to help! :)