iOS - How do I add, delete or customize a group?

You can add, delete or customize your columns from easily from the mobile app, learn how below.👇

How to add a group?

Step 1

Select the board you'd like to add the group to.


Step 2

Click on the + sign on the top left of your board to create a new group


Step 3

Create the name of your group and select the color. Once done, click create. 


Step 4

Now you can start adding tasks (pulses) to the group! 



How to delete a group?

To delete a group, hold down on the the group name you'd like to delete for 2 seconds. A menu will appear with four icons, shown below:


Select the recycle bin icon and your group will be deleted🗑. If you've deleted a group by mistake, you can always restore it from the recycle bin, available on your desktop or web version of 

How to edit a group?

To edit a group, click on the pencil icon shown below: 


By clicking on the pencil, you will be able to edit the name of your group and change its color. 

How to archive a group?

To archive a group, click on the pencil icon shown below: 


Select the file box to archive the group. 

 Note: Restoring a group can only be done through the desktop or web version of


How to reorder my groups?

You can reorder your groups easily by clicking on the arrow icon, shown below: 


Once done, grab your group and drag it to the order you'd like.

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