Where can I find board templates?

There are a number of templates that you can choose from whenever you create a new board in your account. Just follow the steps below to access them!

Step1: Create a new board

Click “+New” under your main boards section in the left-hand pane. 


Type the name of your new board and click “Create Board.” A list of templates will appear!


Step 2: pick your preferred template

Hover over the different options in the list to see a preview of each board before clicking "Use" to apply it to your new board.




Step 3: customize your template

You can then easily edit the name of your pulses, groups and columns super according to your needs. 

*Note* At the moment, the board templates are only available from the main boards section. If you want your template to be in the shareable or private section, you can create it from the main section and then drag and drop it in the shareable/private section :)

*Good news!* You can now even add a board you have created as a template! Click here to see how!

If you have any further questions about the board templates or if you don't see them listed as a granted feature on your account, please feel free to reach out to us right here. We are available 24/7.

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