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Communicating with your team using monday.com

Communicating using monday.com

In today’s world, we are constantly communicating using a variety of communication platforms, which can be stressful. We’re here to provide you with some light relief!

This article will discuss how you can use monday.com as the sole communication platform in your workplace. Say goodbye to Slack, Messenger and WhatsApp and have conversations with your team about what you’re working on in context, all centralized in one place.

Communicating through monday will make things easy to refer back to at a later date and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Additionally, if you’re working with people remotely, having one place to stay on top of who’s responsible for what and the status of their tasks will save you time and frustration when they’re not contactable. 


The basic facets of communication on monday.com

When you click on an item in any of your boards, a box opens to the right of the screen, the “updates”.

 Tip: Open an update on your monday account while you read this article so you can experiment with the tools we're about to discuss :)


An update can be anything.


The Checklist

Does your task have a number of steps which should be completed before it can be marked as “Done”? Check out the checklist feature and watch the symbol turn green as you mark off each step.



The @mention

Alternatively, you can start a conversation about the task within the updates. @mentioning the person you want to communicate the update to will ensure that they receive a notification in their bell at the top of their screen so they’re sure to receive the message. 



@mentioning everyone at [your domain name] will communicate with the whole account in one go. You can also @mention teams which you can create by clicking on this button at the top of your screen. This allows you to communicate with multiple people at once so you can be confident you haven’t missed anyone out.

Reply to an update, give it a thumbs up and make your teammates feel good and that their hard work has been recognized. In today’s world where we’re all used to that dopamine rush we get when someone likes our Facebook status or Instagram photo, this is the key to motivating any team. You can also see who has seen an update by hovering your mouse over the eye symbol under the update.


The GIFs

They say actions speak a thousand words, well gifs speak a million! Pick from 1000’s of gifs available when responding to your teammates to add a bit of personality to your post.



Attach files

What’s more, you can attach files to your updates so you share documents in the context of the tasks they relate to. Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.com.


If you want to keep your files organized in one place, making them super easy to locate at a later time, use the Info Boxes. Here you can upload files in the same way but they’ll appear in a neat list rather than forming part of a conversation in the updates.

You can use the Files Board View to view all of the files uploaded to a board in one, clear place. 


Recommended boards to communicate effectively

Here at the monday.com HQ, we use a variety of boards to communicate with the entire organization and with individual teams. This ensures that everyone receives the same information and stays up to date on important updates. Here are the boards we recommend that you build for effectively communicating with your team.


Weekly Updates Board

We build this board so that each item represents a team in monday. In the updates section of each item, the head of that team writes a weekly update of what the team has been working on during the previous week. This ensures that the entire company has visibility on what the other teams are working on, their achievements and any problems they came across the week before. It also allows recognition for good results, which motivates the team to work towards their goals.



Captain’s Logs

The Captain’s Logs is a great board for teams who operate in the Tech sector. This board is where teams, usually developers within the company but also other teams, can share important changes or updates as they are released to customers and share any new initiatives. When bugs or other issues arise, this board makes it easier to connect the dots and understand why this might have happened. It also allows client facing teams to understand new features or changes to the software so they can provide the best support services for customers.




Sometimes you want to have conversations with your teammates which aren’t connected to the tasks or projects in your boards. Perhaps you want to discuss office rules, general company culture, socials and nights out, when you’re going to organize lunch (and what you’re going to order). Users of the account can add new items for subjects they want to talk about.


Adding a group at the top of a project or task board and naming it “General”. Then, adding an item entitled “Talks” to this group allows you and your team to communicate generally about the project, client or whatever other subject the board is showing in the updates section, keeping general conversation separate from task-specific discussions.



Use a Vote Column when you want to decide something together as a team

You can find the Voting Column in the Column Center. This allows you to decide something as a team, easily and quickly. If you add a Voting Column to a board, it allows everyone to cast their vote in one click. Want to decide where to go out for the next team lunch or which feature to release next? This could be a great board to do that!


A little bit about notifications

An important part of communication is the receipt of information from your teammates. On monday, there are 2 main features you should understand to communicate effectively with your team - the inbox and the notifications bell.

The inbox is like a newsfeed of the communication taking place on all of the boards which you’re subscribed to even if you're not involved, mentioned or assigned to an item. It’s therefore important to ensure you’re subscribed to the boards you want to see in your inbox. The inbox is a great way to get an overview of what’s going on at any moment on your monday account.

The notifications bell on the other hand, is where you’ll receive notifications about any activity on the account which relates to you. This could be that someone has assigned you to a particular item on a board, has replied or liked an update you posted in an item, has subscribed you to a board etc. Always make sure to check your bell to make sure you don’t miss anything.

You also have the option to receive email notifications for certain activities happening on your monday account. You can manage which activity triggers an email through your profile. If you’re not an email person, why not uncheck everything except the daily digest, which provides you with a daily overview of the things which have happened on the account in the previous 24 hours?

Communicating with your team using monday.com on the go

Whether you’re in and out of meetings, traveling a lot for work or you’re working after hours from your mobile phone, monday.com has some great features to support you.

Firstly, you can send new items to a board on your monday.com account from your email - awesome, right? This means if you’re working from your email away from your desk and you think of a task to add as a new item to an existing board, you can do it with just a few clicks of a button.

You can also send an update to an existing item from your email. 

We also have mobile applications available in both iOS and Android, meaning you can manage everything you see on your monday.com account from your phone!  

If you have any questions about this or what's in this article, feel free to reach out to our customer success team at [email protected]