The date column

Looking to add a due date to your tasks? Or a start date? Or just any date… We brought you the date column just for this :) 


To add it, click on the + button on the far right of your board and select “date”


Once added, click inside the column and a calendar will appear. It will open by defauit to the date of today.


You can then manually pick the date for each task. You can also change the year easily by clicking on it as below:



You can synchronize each date with your calendar by using the “sync calendar” function at the bottom of your calendar. This will allow you to create a system of alert reminders and be alerted each time a task is reaching its due date. To learn more about it, check out this article


If you have any further questions about the date column, please feel free to reach out our customer success team right here. We are here 24/7 and we would be happy to assist :)


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