How can I integrate my board with my calendar?

Calendar integrations are offered during the 14 day free trial as well as the Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans.

You can sync your calendar in just a few simple steps:

  1. Create a board and add a Date or Timeline column.

  2. Click on the date column to view a calendar or click on the Left or Right corner of the timeline bar
  3. Click on one of the two bottom options to integrate with your preferred calendar (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook)

Timeline:                                                             Date:

timeline_calendar_screenshot.png .                  calendar_screenshot.png



4. In order to sync the board with your Google calendar simply click on the blue button "Sync with Google Calendar", and you are all set.

If you need to sync the board with your Outlook or iCal, click on "Sync to Outlook or Other Calendar". You will receive a pop-up with a link to integrate with your calendar - select "Copy to clipboard" and follow these steps:  

Copying link to Outlook Web:

  • Select "Add Calendar" and "From Internet"

  • Paste copied link into "Link to the calendar" field and create a title of the calendar


  • Click Save

Copying link to iCal:

  • Select "File" then "New Calendar Subscription"


  • Paste link to Calendar URL field

  • Select Subscribe 
  • On the following screen, create a name of the calendar and switch Auto-Refresh to "Every Hour" 
  • Select OK to save



If you'd like to un-sync google calendar, please do so through google calendar instructions by clicking here.

 **NOTE: You can then set reminders in your external calendar.

**NOTE: You can also CLEAR the date by clicking the trash can under the last row of dates.


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