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How to get started as a guest


Who can use this feature:
Available on Standard plan and above


Guests are external users of a monday.com account. Being a guest user is a great way to collaborate with a team without being a part of their entire account. As a guest, you will be invited only to specific boards and dashboards that are relevant to your workflow so you can get right to the essence of your work.

Let's take a look at how you can get started as a guest! 


What is a guest?

A guest is a user who is external to your organization and to your affiliates, subsidiaries and any other related entity who has been invited to join a Shareable Board in an account that they are not a member of. Examples of Guests are clients, vendors, freelancers, external consultants, etc. 


Important Note: A guest must have an email domain that is different from the email domain(s) associated with the account admin’s organization, affiliates, subsidiaries and any other related entity. If a guest has the same email domain as the email domain of the account admin's organization, affiliates, subsidiaries and any other related entity, he/she will not be able to join as a guest.


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What can guests do?

Guest users have limited access to the host account in terms of viewing and editing boards and dashboards. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that each team's privacy is protected and that guests do not have access to any information that has not been shared with them specifically. Permissions can be set on each Shareable Board by board owners to restrict guests' activity. 


As a guest, you can: 

  • Create new items within the Shareable Board.
  • Edit and add columns
  • Add comments within an item's Updates Section and Status Column
  • Assign users
  • Add board views
  • Add automations
  • Add integrations
  • Use My Work

Guests cannot:

  • See any information, including boards and items outside of the Shareable Boards they were invited to
  • Create new boards
  • Invite other guests to Shareable Boards
  • Be added to Teams 
  • Be a board owner
  • See workspaces names
  • See the Activity Log on the board level, or who last viewed a board. Do note, Guests can see the activity log on the item level.

How to sign in?

When someone invites you to a Shareable Board, you will receive an email that looks something like this:


Click "Accept Invitation" to launch the board in a new window of your browser. You'll be prompted to enter your personal details to create your profile. You can even upload a profile picture if you'd like. 


Communicate and collaborate

At Puppy Bootcamp, trainers and dog owners use monday.com to track the progress of the puppies throughout their training programs. Since trainers and owners work together on some commands, Puppy Bootcamp's training boards are shared with the dog owners so that they can collaborate and communicate about progress and plans! 

image 1 - 2024-01-03T111910.357.png


Puppy owners can log in as a guest to the board and comment on their pup's progress in the Updates Section, like this:

image 1 - 2024-01-03T112013.440.png

Trainers can then reply to their questions, add photos and videos, and update them every time their pup improves! 


Both dog owners and trainers can change the "Progress" status label to update how the pup is doing, and then rate the puppy's "Grasp" from 0-5 stars in the Rating Column.

Group 1 - 2024-01-03T112218.417.png

Dog owners and trainers can also click on a cell in the Date Column to choose a date and exact time from the calendar that works best for them for their next training session. 

Group 1 - 2024-01-03T112347.387.png

Both guests and trainers can add new items to the board if they want to work on more tricks and commands!

image 1 - 2024-01-03T112437.758.png

Anyone can also upload files and photos, including videos of the pup with the File Column!

image 1 - 2024-01-03T112519.592.png


We hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for how you can use monday.com to collaborate between teams and accounts!



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.