Can I sort my pulses?

Sorting your pulses is a really easy way to keep yourself organized.  It helps you understand what you have to do in order to get your tasks done. 

You are able to sort your pulses in two different ways, depending on what you are trying to do: 

1. Manually drag and drop pulses into the order you want them to be in:


2. Using the sorting option found above each column in each group of pulses.

You can sort your pulses by any column in your board. Clicking on the sort button once will sort your pulses one way. Clicking it again will sort them the opposite way.

The person column and main pulse will sort alphabetically according to the first letter of the users' names or the text in the pulse, or vice versa. The status column sorts according to the order of the label colors in the drop down menu. The numbers column will sort from the smallest to the largest value in the column, or vice versa. 





Once you have sorted a column, if you want the sort to save, you can click on the tick button to the left of the sort button. You will see a pop up which will ask you if you want to save the sort for just the specific group you sorted or for the entire board.


**To sort according to the opposite order, e.g. Z-A, instead of A-Z, click the Sort button again. To undo the sort, click on the x button to the right of the sort button.

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