Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Currently, we have just a couple of keyboard shortcuts, but we are looking to add more in the future :) Here's what he have so far:

  • Enter an update: If you'd like to save an update you have written in the Updates Feed, press Command + Enter and your update will be submitted.
  • Close the Updates Feed: When your Updates Feed is open, you can close it using by pressing Esc.
  • Exit fullscreen mode: When you have a board in full screen mode, you can exit by pressing Esc.
  • Search Boards with BoltSwitch: Command + B on a Mac (Ctrl + B on a PC) opens our amazing BoltSwitch search so you can find any board you need and switch over to it with lightning speed!  


  • Use batch actions (select multiple pulses): Hold Command (Ctrl on a PCwhile clicking on a pulse to build a list of pulses to move, archive, or delete all at once! You can click here to learn more about using batch actions.


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