Can I send updates from my email to a pulse?

On, you are able to send updates to your pulses straight from your email - perfect for anyone working on the move!


To do this, you should firstly ensure you have the email addresses of the pulse you’d like to email saved somewhere (on your email/phone).

To find the email address of a pulse, click on the pulse within in a board so that the UPDATES FEED pops out.

Under the box “Write an update” you’ll see in the bottom right corner a link “Write Updates via Email”.


Clicking on this link will reveal the email address of the pulse, for example, . You can take the default address or edit it to something more memorable. 

When you are ready to send an update from your email directly into the pulse, simply compose an email with the update you wish to appear in the pulse and send it to the email address for that pulse.

The text will appear as an update in the updates feed of the pulse :) 

*This feature is available during your free trial and, after upgrading, on the STANDARD, PRO and Enterprise plans.

**Currently, you do not have the option to send an email from your  

***If you’d like to forward an email to a pulse, please copy and paste the email you’d like to send as the update into the top part of the email as the email chain will not be sent.

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