How do I add/delete files and edit/delete posts?

You have two different ways to add files (documents) to a pulse and here's how:

Open up any pulse and inside you will see an area called Info Boxes

  1. Add a file into the Info Box:


      2. Select Add file

      3. Upload your file

To delete this file, please select the small arrow on the left of the file name to expand the file, and you have the option to delete it just underneath:

**NOTE: files and any other information in an updates feed will continue to move down your page as you add more text, attachments, etc. into your feed. If you wish to keep files at the TOP of the page, we recommend utilizing the info box.

 Here's another way to add a file inside your updates feed:

  1. Select Add attachments

     2. Select the file you would like to upload from either your computer, your Google       Drive or your Dropbox.

In case you made a mistake and would like to delete and/or edit the post, please select the arrow on the right of the update and select Delete Post or Edit Post to change the image inside the post.



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