How do I link pulses and boards together?

One of the ways to show a connection between pulses on one board to another is to add a text column to both boards listing the project or task that it corresponds to as seen below. Here you see the following March tasks corresponding to the following March projects. 


You may also click inside a pulse and rather than mention a person, mention a board as seen below. See example as a board "Team Tasks" is shown, then click update. Now the pulse and board are linked together meaning that you can click back and forth between the two, but please note that does not yet offer dependencies at this time.

Alternatively, type in the project name at the top of the screen where it says "Search Everything", and you will see how your tasks correspond with your project. Here is where you can see anything you're working on at one glance! Check it out :)


Check out this video below that will show you how this can be done:


**NOTE: While you can link boards and pulses together, this is not yet a way to interlink boards together. 

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