Is there a time tracking feature?

To track hours within a project, you can add a Number column and manually update the time spent on each task. 

  1. Add a Numbers Column using the '+' symbol on the top right-hand corner of a group of pulses 
  2. After you have added the column, click the box '0 sum' at the bottom of the column 
  3. Customize the "Unit" to Hours and select "R"

Begin filling in the amount of hours for each task!Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.32.23.png

You can also use the updates section of a pulse to timestamp the start and end times for a task. Whenever a comment is posted in the updates feed, there is a timestamp in the upper right corner of the update. If you hover over the little clock icon, it will show when the update was posted.





Looking to track (live) how long each task can take for a team member? Introducing our new Stop Watch column from our Column Store

Alternatively, you are able to use our external integrations with HARVEST or TOGGL  using a third party integration tool called Zapier.  


If you have any questions about time tracking, please feel free to send us an email to our Customer Success Team at

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