What is pulse tv?

A positive atmosphere at work is a sure way to motivate employees, that’s why some managers hang up inspirational posters in their offices, to create a positive office environment and increase team motivation. That’s why we created Pulse TV feature does: turns your positive user feedback into a live inspirational stream.

Pulse Tv takes any Pulse inside your account and with one click – turns it into a TV stream.

Now anyone in our waiting area can watch it. This includes candidates, investors, colleagues and our own employees.They get to watch the beautiful live stream of compliments shared by our users and praising our employees.

We could have followed employee appreciation ideas, like sticking a post-it note on the customer success team's door saying saying Great Job. Instead, everyone sees the users praising our team on live TV.

Here's how to do create Pulse TV in your office: 

  1. Click the hamburger menu within a pulse you'd like to see on your Pulse TV
  2. Choose Pulse Tv


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