Is there a calendar view?

While we don't currently have a calendar view, we do offer a few suggestions that could work for you, depending on what you are trying to do! 

1. I want to see all of the pulses from my board on a monthly calendar view.

You can easily sync all the due dates from a board to a Google, Outlook or any other calendar, by following these steps:

  • Once you have created your board, you can click the '+' sign on the right of a group of pulses to add a 'Date' column to your board: 


Once you have added the 'Date' column, click into any cell within the column, and a Calendar will open: 


**NOTE: Each date column is for a single date, to add a range of dates you can use the Timeline column 

**You can set the first day of week to Sunday or Monday, Here’s how :)

2. I want to see all of the tasks/projects for my team across all boards in one place.

You can use the 'Search Everything'! for this or check out this article to view al your tasks across boards

3. I want to see my projects within a certain date range 

Within the 'Search Everything, you are able to 'Filter by Date' to create a customized date range so you are able to see all tasks within a specific time range!  


For a more detailed explanation of how to do this, you can find instructions here!


**It is important to note that this is available on the Standard plan and above. To see the different packages that we offer, please see our pricing page.

If you want to see a calendar view for a reason that is not listed here, please feel free to send an email to We’re here 24/7, and we’re happy to help! :)

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