Does have dependencies?

To answer briefly, all of our boards, groups and pulses are independent of one another, so when one aspect is updated it won't affect another. We did this in order to encourage communication and collaboration amongst team members so that the workflow is more efficient. Sometimes when things are automatic, tasks tend to slip through the cracks. So how do we prevent this from happening?

If your projects are dependent on certain tasks, and their statuses cannot be changed until the task has been completed, may we suggest an alternative to an automatic dependency?

In order to accomplish the dependency of Task B being dependent on Task A, there are a couple things you can do; 

1. When task A is changed to the "done" status, the person can @mention the next person in line to start task B in a note in the "done" status.

2. You can also @mention the pulse or "Task B" in the status note and say that this task can now be started.

@mentioning a team member 



@mention pulse/board



By enhancing communication with your team, this type of automatic dependency is no longer needed as you and your team members are in sync with one another and are always on the same page!

Another thing you are able to add to your board is a tags column! By adding a tags column to your board, you will be able to have the ability to label and get a cross-board view of all of the pulses or tasks related to your individual project. See more about our tags feature here.

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