Is there a VAT charge

We do charge VAT to European countries, but if you have a VAT ID you can either input this information at check-out or ask us to refund it after purchase.

To refund your VAT:

Please provide us the following information to with “Please Provide VAT Refund” as the subject line.

  1. Company VAT ID
  2. Order Reference Number (located in your initial receipt after purchase)
  3. Company name or the email address used to purchase subscription

After your initial email to us, a response from our third party processor can take between 24-72 hours.

**Note: Only account admins have access to this information. If you are emailing us on behalf of your account admin, please either have the admin email us to confirm the request, or have them set you up as an admin.

**Note: All billing will come from our third-party biller, Bluesnap.