Does have an API?

Yes, we do! We have two API tokens displayed in the Admin section under the API tab-- Personal API Token and Company API Token. This article explains how to use it. 👇

Two types of API

We have two API tokens displayed in the Admin section under the API tab: Personal API Token and Company API Token.


Company API Token

Your company API Token, is how you can communicate with all main boards of your account. Everyone in the company will have the same Company API Token, as this is the token to speak directly to your account. For example everyone in has the company token "bc9a7b0c2ed025fdf6e812889e" (second one). 

Personal API Token

Your Personal API Token, is how you can communicate with your personal Shareable boards and Private boards. This is a unique token, as everyone has different boards under these board types.

Developer Page

Just under the API Tokens, you will always find the link to our Developers page. As scary as that page looks to us non developers, it actually is an easy, almost mindless way to generate the API you need for the actions possible with your account.

The page is broken down by, Updates, Pulses, Boards etc., you then have the option to "Get", "Put", "Delete", or "Post"--luckily our amazing developers understand not everyone speaks code, so to the right of each action, you will find the description, "Get all the account's pulses", "Add a subscriber to the pulse" and more.

Let's say, for example, we want to update a Pulse's Attributes. All we need to do is fill in the information required on the developers page and click "Try It Out".


The ID, can be found in the URL when clicking into a pulse. The name, is the title of the pulse.

Once clicking "Try it out", I will get my results, meaning I will get feedback showing this request works or not. 

If i see the result "200" I am in luck, it was a success, if I get "401" something is wrong with the API and I have to try again. 

Once you receive the result "200" you can company the Request URL into your system! 

API limitations

Our API is currently limited according to the plan you have purchased.

For the Standard and Pro plans, the limit is 60000/day and 300/minute.

For our Enterprise plan, the limit is 120000/day and 600/minute.


If you have any questions about this or anything else, reach out to us at customer success at :)