How do I add, duplicate, or move a group of pulses from one board to another?

How to add a group(s) of pulses on a board?

To add a new group to your board, hover over the title of any existing group and you will see a arrow appearing on the left side. Click it and choose "add group of pulses".


How to duplicate a group of pulses on a board?

In case you need an exact copy of the group you already made, you can simply duplicate the group, instead of recreating it from the start. 


How to move a group of pulses to another board?

Click "move group to board" and choose the board you would like the group to be added to.


**Note** Make sure that columns of your group are matching with the columns of the board you want to move the group to. If the columns are not matching only part of your information will be moved. You will receive an alert (see screenshot below) prior executing the action:


If you are looking to move several pulses of your group to a different board you can also use the batch actions!

How to delete/archive a group of pulses?

You can either archive a group if you would like to keep the option to restore it at any point or simply delete it. To learn how to view your archived groups, please check out this article.

Your deleted groups will appear in your recycle bin and will remain available for the next 30 days after the action. 



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