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The basics of a board


A board is the place where your workflows come to life. Think of it as a virtual white board where you can keep track of and manage anything, from simple everyday tasks to complex multi-step projects! Not only this, but boards are fully interactive and collaborative, so you and your team can work together to get things done. This article covers everything you need to know about boards. Let's dive in!

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Add a new board

To add a new board, click on the "+ Add" button on the left pane on your screen and then select "New Board". From the same menu, you can also choose to import a new board from Excel, Google Sheets, Trello, and more, or choose from a pre-prepared template.

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Note: At the moment, it is not possible to print a board directly from monday.com.


Tip: If you would like to print your monday.com board, first export the board to Excel and then print the Excel sheet. It's that easy 😍


Structure of a board

Within a board, there are four main components that you should familiarize yourself with: Groups, Columns, Items, and Subitems.

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  • Groups help to organize and categorize the information on your boards in any way that you wish.
  • Columns bring the data from your board to life, allowing you to customize the way your data is displayed.
  • Items are the individual rows on the board which can be used to manage and track any kind data, whether it is projects, tasks, clients, or much more. 
  • Subitems add another level of hierarchy on your board by allowing you to add an additional level of information within the items on your board.


Difference between board types

We offer three type of boards: main, shareable and private. The structure of all these boards is the exact same. What makes them different is the access level that they each provide. Check out this article to learn more about the difference between these boards. 


Change a board type

As the board owner, you can change the board type by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right of your screen and then selecting "Board settings". From there, click on "Change board type" and then choose the type of board that you'd like to change it to!

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Note: You cannot change the board type if you are not the owner of it. You will need to ask the owner of that board to make this change.


Delete or Archive a board

If you no longer need your board, you can choose to delete or archive it by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right of your board and then select either "Archive board" or "Delete board".

BC- Archive:Delete Board.png

If you delete a board, it'll be retrievable from the Trash section for 30 days. Archiving a board, on the other hand, will be retrievable from the archives section indefinitely. 


Note: If you delete or archive a board that has connections to other boards via the Connect Boards Column, all of its related connections will be removed.


Communicate on your board

While you can communicate with people on specific items on your board using the update section, you can also communicate across your board as a whole using Board Discussions. To access board discussions, select the three dots in the the top right-hand corner of your board, and select "Discussion" from the resulting menu. From there you can send a message to all members on the board!

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Board owner

Board ownership is an important feature to be aware of when setting restrictions on boards, changing the board type, and more. With this said, a board owner is either:
  • The person who created the board
  • Any subscribers of the board which the board creator has chosen to be co-owners of the board. Only the initial owner of the board and admins of the account can add other owners to the board. 


If your board owner has left the team, you can change ownership of the board to help recover it. For instructions on how to change board ownership, check out this article.


Board description

You may find the need to add a description to your board to help the team understand the main uses of it, to provide any instructions, or for any other reason! To locate your board description click on the drop-down "arrow" to the right of your board name as so:

BC- Board Info (1).gif

From here, you'll be able to view and edit the description of the board and you'll also find other relevant information about the board such as the Workspace it is located in, the board creator and date, it's owners, and more.


Note: You can use up to 1,000 characters in your board description. For security reasons of preventing the use of outside code, it is not possible to use “<>” characters within the board description.


Sort your board

You can sort or filter your board customize the order in which you'd like to see your items, and to drill down on the specific ones that you are looking to see!

To sort the items on your board, click the "Sort" icon at the top left corner of your board, and then "+Add new sort". You can then choose the exact parameters that you'd like to sort your board by! As an example, we chose to reorder the items on our board according to their budget in descending order, as so:

BC- Sort Board.gif


Filter your board

While your boards fill up with tons of information, our board filters can help you easily narrow it down to the specific information that you need (because after all, who likes scrolling!) Draw conclusions, focus on what's important, and save time navigating your boards with the board filters. Check out this article for more info on filtering your boards. 


Who viewed your board last 

At the top right of your board, you will be able to see the icons of those who have most recently viewed your board.

BC- Last Viewed.gif

By clicking on any of the icons, you can open up the full log of who has seen you board and when. You can also find the activity log in the same area here to get a breakdown of recent board activities! 

BC- Activity Log.png

Save your board as template

You can transform your favorite boards into templates for your account in just a few clicks! When viewing your board, click the three-dot-menu at the top right corner of your screen, select "More actions" and then "Save as a template". Check out this article for more detailed information. 


Generate items using AI Assistant

Using our AI Assistant makes generating items on your board easier. This tool will identify possible items for you based on the topic you input. To access this function, click on the AI Assistant button at the top left-hand side of your board. Once the text box opens, you can choose which group on your board to add items to, and input the information you would like the AI Assistant to generate.


As an example, the below board is overseeing a bookclub program. We used AI Assistant to create items on our board for the "Feel Good" genre:

BC- AI Generate tasks.gif


Tip: You can deselect the items that are not relevant to your board by clicking on the blue tick box next to the item or use the backward arrow on the bottom left-hand corner of the text box to edit your prompt and try again



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.