How to add a comment or a file on a status box?

Ever wonder what that little flap is with the + sign? This is where you can add a little reminder about a particular status, or a quick note and mention someone. It's great to see something related to that status in a moment's notice! 

How does it work?

To add a comment on a status, click on the + sign located on the upper right of your status box as below. Once you are done, click on "update" to save your comment. 


Each time you will click on the + sign, you will be able to see the comment for that particular status. It is a great way to keep the communication in context. 

Add attachments inside a status box

If you'd like to add an attachment to a status box on the board, please do the following: 
1. Click the + sign that appears on the right hand corner of any status
2. Click on Add attachments and you'll see a drop down menu 



3. Add the attachment and you can see it at a glance if you scroll over it.


The snapshot of your status will also appear inside the item as seen below 


What happens to notes inside a status column when the status is changed?

It doesn't get lost and here's how it works 😊 Let's take for example - Task 3 "Working on it" and I add in text - "Where are we on this?" in the status box. 


Then I change the actual status to read "Done."


The text "where are we on this" still appears inside the item even though the status box is now changed to Done.



If you have any questions further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here. We are available 24/7 and happy to assist :)