How can I see a date range of my tasks?

You can see a date range of your tasks both across all your boards as well as within a specific board.

Across all your boards:

It's simple, just follow the below:

  • Click the month or specific date range that you're looking for in the Search Everything Box.  
  • Click Search by dates on the right hand side 


  • A timeline will appear where you may drag the date range according to your preference
  • The filtered boards will appear below 


Within a specific board:

You can use both the Filter by Everything option in your board, or the Calendar View (within the Boards Views).

1. Filter by Everything:

You can use the "Filter by Everything" option to filter your tasks through specific date ranges.


You can filter a date range of tasks for the following columns:

  • Timeline: You can filter Current, Upcoming and Past tasks.
  • Date column: You can filter for specific dates by clicking on "Show more" at the bottom of the menu.


  • Week column: You can filter this week or next weeks' tasks.

2. Calendar View

You are now able to see all of your tasks in our new Calendar View

First, open the Views Center, just next to the board's Activity Log:


When you open the Views Center, select the Calendar view:


A Calendar view will open up, showing you all the relevant tasks that include dates.


If you have any questions further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here. We are available 24/7 and happy to assist 😃

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