How does the pricing work?

Choosing the perfect plan is easy!

  • Click the blue Upgrade button located at the top right of your account!



  • Toggle between "Yearly", "Two Yearly", or "Monthly"




  • Select the appropriate amount of user seats for your team


  • Choose between "Basic", "Standard", "Pro", or "Enterprise". See our pricing page for a further description of different plans and options.
  • Enter your payment information into the cart to fully process the payment. If you are a European registered company with a VAT, please enter your VAT ID before processing the payment to avoid paying the tax.



Alternatively, you can upgrade by clicking the following:

  • Your Profile Photo
  • Admin
  • Billing
  • Upgrade your plan

**Note: The system will take into account how many users are currently activated on your account. If you would like to choose a plan that is lower than the current number of users that you have in your account, please deactivate the appropriate amount of users. If your trial has expired and you're looking to upgrade your account, the screen will appear to upgrade your account with the number of users that you currently have. If you'd like to decrease the number of users before upgrading and your account trial has already expired, please contact us for further help!


If you have any questions further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here. We are available 24/7 and happy to assist :)


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