What is the difference between Main Boards, Shareable Boards and Private Boards?

We have 3 types of boards: Main, Shareable, and Private. Each of these boards' structure is the same. What makes them different is their access level. 

What are main boards? 

Main boards are visible to anyone who is a team member within your account. Anything you will create in this section will be accessible and transparent to your users. These boards are available on all our plans and there is no limitation to the number of boards you can create. 



What are shareable boards? 

Shareable boards are used when you want to share a board with people outside your team or company, such as clients, interns, or freelancers.  You can invite these people as guests within your account. To see how to invite a guest in your shareable board, click right here


When you invite a guest to a shareable board, he/she will only have access to that specific board he/she has been invited to. Your guests will not have access to any other information within your account. To see what an external guest is able to do on a shareable board, please see What do my guests see and do on my shareable board?

Shareable boards are available on the Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans.

What are private boards? 

Private boards can only been seen by the user who created the board and by the specific users he/she invite to join this board. The private boards are only for internal user meaning that you cannot invite guests on a private board. The private boards are found on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

If you have a project you aren’t quite ready to release or confidential information, private boards is the solution for you!




How can I regain access to the shareable boards or private boards I made in my trial?

If you have signed up to a Basic plan or Standard plan your Shareable and/or Private boards will have restricted access - but not to worry, you can regain access to them 😃 

You can click on the Board Name and then click on the button "Move to Main Boards" or you can click on the Board Name and drag it to the Main Board or Shareable Board section.


If you have any further questions about board types, please feel free to contact Customer Success at support@monday.com