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Column types available on monday.com


monday.com offers you a large choice of columns to customize your board the way you want it to be. This article covers each column one by one. Click here to learn how to add a column to your board. 


The People Column

With the People Column, you can assign each task to a specific team member or multiple users to a single item in a single column! It allows you to visually see who is responsible of what and give ownership of tasks to your team. Click here to find out more! people.png

The Status Column 

This column allows you to visually keep track of the progress of your tasks. It comes with a choice of 20 color labels that you can customize. The status column can also be used to prioritize and categorize your tasks. Check out this article to learn more about it.




Note: You can also use the Priority column to set priorities on tasks or the label column to categorize work with customs labels.


The Text Column

This column allow you to add any type of text such as a phone number, address or short comment.


The Date Column

The Date Column allows you to set up due dates for your tasks. With this column, you will be able to receive deadline reminders. Check out this article to learn more about it. 



The Numbers Column

You can use this column for pretty much anything related to a number: it can be to keep track of a budget, of a quantity of item, of the number of hours you spent on a task etc... Learn more about it on this article.



The Timeline

One of our favorite columns at monday.com 😊. It is our own version of the Gantt chart and allows you to manage people and their workload in a totally visual way. Check out this article to learn more about it.  



The Timeline + Numeric Combo Column (Duration Column)

The Timeline + Numeric combo column (also known as the Duration Column) combines the Numbers Column with the Timeline Column to provide you with an easy and automatic way to adjust and display the duration of your dates. You can read all about it here!



The Tags

This allows you to list a number of keywords that will appear next to a hashtag symbol (#). Using the Tags Column will help you to group items from different groups or different boards throughout your account by a consistent keyword. Check out this article to learn more about it.



Connect Boards Column

The Connect Boards Column allows you to easily link one or more board(s) on your account to the current one that you are on. Furthermore, this column works along with the Mirror Column (discussed up next) to help reflect data from a different board to the current one that you are on.



The Mirror Column

The Mirror Column works along with the Connect Boards Column to allow you to mirror and sync certain pieces of information (columns) from one board to another. By doing so, you can easily make changes to any one board and the changes will be reflected in both boards. 


The Rating Column

Available in our Column Center, this column allows you to visually rate or rank your items. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Check out this article to learn more about it.



The Dropdown Column

The Dropdown Column allows you to define and select a list of options for you to choose from. With this column, you can select multiple different options for each cell.


The World Clock Column

This amazing column is a life saver if you are managing leads or have a contact list of users you need to reach out to. It allows you to see what time it is according to the timezone of each person. Check out how it works just hereworld.png

The Checkbox Column

We all know that satisfying feeling to mark as "check" the item you have completed 😌 We now give you the option to do it through our Checkbox Column! ✔️ Learn more about it in this article.




The Link Column

The Link Column allows you to add an hyperlink to any website. You can customize each item with a specific web address and text to display. Learn more about this column right here


The Creation Log Column

The Creation Log Column adds the creator and date of creation for each item automatically! Check out this article to learn more about it. 



The Auto Number Column

The Auto Number Column allows you to number your items according to the time their order in the group/board. It is an amazing column to use if you want to keep track of how many tasks are in your board. It is also great if you have orders and want to have specific tracking numbers for them 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣. Check out how it works in details just here



The Country Column

This column will not only displays the name of the country but also the flag associated to it! Learn how it works right here



The Vote Column

The Vote Column gives the opportunity to your team members and board subscribers to vote for their favorite items. Learn more just here




The Location Column

The Location Column allows you to add the address of a specific location and see it on a geographic map. 📍Check out how it works in details just here



The Week Column

This handy week picker is great to visually see when your project or task is due 📆 Learn more about it by clicking right here.



The Progress Tracking Column

The Progress Tracking Column allows you to combine all the status columns of each item into one, beautiful battery-like view. This column is a must to keep visually keep track of the progress of your tasks. Learn more about it in this article.



The Long Text

The Long Text Column is the same as the Text Column... but longer 😊 It can be used to add a guideline, a description or any long text related to your item. Learn more about it in this article.


The Phone Column

You can now start a call with your contacts directly from monday.com through the Phone Column! 📞 This column is amazing if you are using monday.com as a CRM and need to reach out to your clients, suppliers or more. Learn more about it in this article.



The Item ID Column

The Item ID Column allows you to have a unique ID number associated to each item of your board. 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ Learn more about it in this article.


The Formula Column

Missing the Excel formula and mathematic capabilities? Not to worry! We came up with the Formula Column just for this. This column allows you to make calculations with other columns. It goes from simple mathematical equation to more complex functions and formulas. Learn more about it in this article.



The Color Picker Column

Working in design and need a column to help you pick and work with specific colors? We came up with the Color Picker Column just for that! With this new feature, you'll be able to use this column to work with specific colors and track down their respective color codes. You are also able to select whether you'd like to work with the Hex Color Code or the RGB Color Code. Learn more about it in this article.



The Last Updated Column

Want to see in one glance when and by who your item was last updated? Look no further! All you need to do is add the Last Updated Column. Check out this article to learn more about it. 


The Time Tracking Column

Wondering how much time you spend on each task? You now have the ability to track it with the Time Tracking Column! ⏰ Learn how it works right here


The File Column

The File Column allows you to attach files to each item within your board. Check out this article to learn more about it. 



The Email Column

The Email Column allows you to attach an email address to an item and send emails to that contact with a single-click! Learn how it works right here. 📧


The Hour Column

Add the Hour Column to your board to keep track of specific meeting times, manage your shifts and more! Check out how it works right here




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.