Getting Started.

Looking to jumpstart your journey? You’ve come to the right place! This quick start article will help you learn all the basics to get going.

Just imagine getting to work and your email inbox is empty, everyone on the team knows what they are working on, everyone understands the big picture and you can easily see the progress of all tasks— and not only this, you can communicate with the team directly on the task! will make this happen! Just create a account and get started!

1. Build your first board

A board is a place to organize everything you need to do—it can be a project, a to-do list, a CRM, really anything you need. With multiple board types, our Main boards create transparency within the company, Shareable boards can be used with outside guests, or Private boards for confidential work—you can customize all boards to your needs. We will start with our main boards, just click “New” and name your board!



2. Choose a template**—blank, Team tasks, Project planning and more.


We offer you pre-defined templates to help you easily get started using a template we have found successful.

Now that you created your board, you can start listing your tasks; or in terms, creating new Pulses. There is no limit to how many pulses you can have on a board, so list everything you need, but make sure all tasks are relevant to the board (project) you created.

You can divide your pulses into what we call “groups”. Groups are a way to organize all your pulses, whether it be by time, category, theme, anything you wish. The groups are one way to bring color to your boards--with nine color choices, you can easily differentiate between groups.


So, now that your tasks are listed, it’s time to start adding columns. Think of the columns as building a process or a way to include all aspects needed to complete the tasks. offers multiple column types to fit your needs, from a Person column to a Status column just check out the list here.

Once you have your tasks listed and your columns created, you can start getting the team working on the board.

3. Start turning things Green brings transparency and relevance to all your team members, everyone can see the big picture and really find purpose in their work. All users can see all aspects of a project and collaborate within—but first giving ownership to each step is key.

  • Assign Tasks—use the person column to assign a task to a team member! The person assigned will receive a notification letting s/he know they are now assigned to a task and can get working.


  • Communicate within the task—use the update’s section to keep everyone in the loop; ask questions, write updates, upload docs and add some laughs with our gifs.



  • Subscribe to boards—Use the Subscribe option to keep everyone on top of projects or follow the projects you are interested in. By subscribing to boards you can easily organize the important boards you visit, but most importantly you will receive updates on all tasks within your inbox.
  • Stay up-to-date with our Inbox. All your updates from boards you are subscribed to (following) are instantly listed within your personal Inbox, never miss an update!
  • Update your tasks—Use the status column to mark your progress. Nothing is prettier than seeing a green board, this means all is done!




So what are you waiting for? Get started and build some boards!

Need more help? Check out our Knowledge base here or reach out to our Customer Success team at [email protected].

 If you have any questions while in your account, check out our interactive help center! 


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