What's the difference between main users and guests users?

Main users are individuals that are invited into your account as team members. Team members can see and edit all information on Main Boards, and can be invited to collaborate easily on both Shareable and Private Boards. In other words, main users are your teammates or employees in your department or organization with whom you work with everyday!

Guest users are users that are external to your team, such as a vendor, client, freelancer or outside consultant. Guests can only be invited to a Shareable Board/s and as such, will NOT be able to view information on Main or Private Boards. Guests must be invited one board at a time to boards in the Shareable area and will be limited to what they can see and do in your account. This amazing feature helps you to collaborate safely with guests while maintaining the security of the information stored on Main and Private Boards. 

Main user pricing can be found by visiting our pricing page. 

Guest user pricing can be explained in a quick glance at our pricing page as well as checking out how to manage guest count within your account!

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