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What's new in monday dev


Our team at monday dev is constantly working on innovating and improving our product to give you the best possible experience. We want to make sure that you always stay in the loop so that you can take full advantage of our new features!


monday dev is out of beta 🥳 

After a long period of testing out monday dev in beta, we're happy to announce that it's now fluent, stable, and here to stay! We're ready to keep building and improving our product, so be sure to register for our beta user plan so you can be the first to test out all of our new features! 


Easier sprint selection

Move tasks between sprints with ease! Simply click the cell in the "Sprint" column to open a window listing all your sprints - past, active, and not yet started. You can just click the sprint you want to move your task to if you see it right away, or you can search for it in the search bar! If you're not ready to reassign the task, click "Move to backlog"!



New backlog experience

We want to highlight our new backlog feature! From now on, any new task created will be automatically moved to the "Backlog" group unless manually assigned to a specific sprint in your board! This includes tasks that are created by automation, moved from another board, etc. 



Brand new sprint header

Our sprint header got a sleek new makeover! We're always listening to your feedback, and have implemented some great ideas in our redesign of the sprint header to increase accessibility of common actions. 


Update sprint timeline

You can now edit your sprint's timeline directly from the header. Just click the button displaying the date range and select new dates from the pop-up calendar!



Open the burndown chart 

The burndown chart now opens up right from the header! Rather than searching for it and selecting the chart from a dropdown menu, we've embedded the button right before your eyes in our sleek new header. 



Improved burndown chart 

We upgraded our beloved burndown chart with more settings so you can customize it to suit your team's unique needs! We've added a checkbox to tick on and off the following two options:

  1. Display weekends - You can choose whether or not to include weekends in your chart. Weekends appear as grey vertical bars and are reflected in the timeline of your chart if you choose to include them, but will not be considered in the calculation if you turn them off. 
  2. Display total scope - We added support for showing the total scope trend in the burndown chart. Group_45.png


New templates 

On top of our game-changing Scrum and Kanban team templates, we've just added 5 brand new monday dev templates to the Template center!

  1. Bugs Queue - Manage all your bugs in one central board
  2. Competitor Analysis - Use this board to collect and organize insights on your competitors
  3. Client feedback - Centralize feedback from clients here and connect it to your roadmap
  4. User research - Aggregate all user interviews, feedback, interviews, and findings right here
  5. Product backlog - Log and prioritize all your features in this board



A smoother GitHub Integration 

We want to present an improved and more efficient experience when setting up the GitHub Integration! Rather than entering the recipe twice to configure your settings, you now have just one menu where you can fill in all of the necessary fields. Set it and forget it!


What's next?

This is just the tip of the iceberg! We have so many amazing new features and improvements in the pipeline that we can't wait to share with you. Many of these are your ideas and requests, so please continue to share any feedback and suggestions with us through this form.


Some things to look forward to include:
  • Sleek and efficient new Kanban including the ability to hide and organize columns and to create items inside a sprint right from your cards
  • Description field - a dedicated place with rich text editing capabilities to input all managing requirements. 
  • Sprint Tracking - the ability to track which tasks were added or removed after a sprint has started
  • Velocity charts - allow teams over time to check gaps between commitment at the beginning of the sprint vs what was actually completed by the end of the sprint
  • GitHub two way sync - we're working on the ability to sync information seamlessly between monday.com and GitHub
  • Capacity planning - help teams plan ahead for capacity to support Quarterly planning / PI planning


Test new features first!

If you want to be the first to know about and use new features we release, sign up here to be a beta user! 



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.